Know your risks

Our proactive approach will help save you from reacting.


Reactive: Customer has no backups, is locked out of their system and must pay a hefty ransom fee.

Proactive: Customer has system backups and is prepared to recover with minimal cost and downtime.

Phishing Scam

Reactive: Email is hacked. Attacker reroutes invoice payments to a fraudulent account. Customer loses revenue and incurs additional expenses due to breach.

Proactive: With a completed email security project, customer is proactively protected via a hardened email system.


Reactive: Customer fails to meet minimum requirements, is audited, and receives hefty fines and license revocation.

Proactive: Customers are provided information and solutions that help them align with relevant compliance standards.

By The Numbers

Don't be intimidated by the stats - we got you covered!

We work hard to keep our customers out of these very real-world situtations.


of attacks target SMBs.


The average cost for an SMB to fully recover from an attack.


of SMBs are forced to close after an attack.


It's estimated that 15 million SMBs were targeted by cyber attacks in 2020.


SMBs hit with ransomware were forced to pay the ransom, mainly due to under preparation before the attack.


of small businesses say they don't have a cybersecurity expert on staff.We are filling this gap.

$6 Trillion

Cyber attacks were projected to cause in damages to SMBs in 2021.


The median small business received of its detected malware by email.

Our Impact

Understanding your needs is part of our value.

Don’t waste your time fretting over the fear of cybersecurity. Let us provide you worry-free service so you can focus on what’s important.

I want to understand my cybersecurity risks.

You can’t protect against what you don’t understand. As cyber vetted experts, we know how to assess your risk. We meet you where you are, and ride the cyber journey with you. We will explain your vulnerabilities and create a roadmap for better security.

Customers or partners are requiring us to have a cybersecurity program.

Your stakeholders and investors care about your cybersecurity. Don’t lose out on valuable opportunities because you aren’t protected. Let us prepare you for your business growth and take the worry out of protecting your most valuable asset.

I need to comply with a regulation impacting my business.

No worries. We have you covered. We can get your security program aligned with key regulations that apply to your business to keep you in compliance.

I think I’ve been breached.

This can be very scary especially if you are not adequately protected. We got you. Our proactive approach aims to prevent a breach from happening. If you are, you’ll have all the tools in your roadmap to respond if necessary. Let us shape a path forward for you.

Questions to ask yourself - are we a fit?

  • I receive digital invoice payments. Can someone hack my email and send my payment to a fraudulent account?
  • My intellectual property is unprotected. Is my business in jeopardy of being exposed to competitors?
  • I have a disgruntled employee. Could they delete my systems and important data in retaliation?
  • I was hit with ransomware. Would I be able to pay the hefty fee and potentially stop business operations?
  • I have unsuspecting hackers in my system. Do I know how to respond to protect my assets?