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Meet our team

Cyber Pop-up secures businesses through an on-demand cybersecurity platform powered by vetted and highly skilled cyber-experts. The model also inherently does good in the world by removing barriers to entry in cybersecurity for underrepresented groups.

  • Christine IzuakorLinkedIn

    Founder & CEO

    Big dreamer who gets s^*% done. A digital nomad spreading positivity.

  • Rolando LopezLinkedIn

    Head of Operations

    Beast-mode strategist. Manages complexity with ease in cybersecurity.

  • Kimberly ClavinLinkedIn

    Head of Product & Eng

    Business innovator balancing strategy and tech. Driven by curiosity.

  • Naime DavisonLinkedIn

    Cyber Expert Community Manager

    Relationship builder and program grower. Focused on figuring it out.

  • Nicole KaufmanLinkedIn

    Senior EA

    Party planner and team supporter. Wearer of many hats.

  • Stephen FitzsimmonsLinkedIn

    Lead Full-stack Engineer

    Full-stack engineer with a passion for building and scaling solutions.

  • Kelly SmithLinkedIn

    Director, Sales & Marketing

    Fueling growth, tackling your top business hurdles and creating super fans.