About Us

Built on a dream and founded on a mission, Cyber Pop-up is here to secure the world, one pop-up project at a time.

Our Story

Listen as Christine Izuakor, CEO and Founder of Cyber Pop-up discusses how Cyber Pop-up was built, the values she lives by and the mission she created.


Our Foundation

Cyber Pop-up was built on a foundation to demystify cybersecurity by offering flexible on-demand services to businesses while diversifying the talent pool in the cybersecurity space.

Our Mission

We connect the world’s most vulnerable businesses to on-demand cybersecurity services. Powered by our vetted and highly skilled freelancers, Cyber Pop-up provides a platform that is trustworthy, flexible and efficient for companies of all sizes.

Our Core Values

We live by six values that drive our business:


Be you. Be true.


Fail fast. Learn a lot. Always get up.


Go big or go home.


Lead with empathy. Act with care.


In all things, give thanks.


Enjoy the ride.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do you best work.

Christine Izuakor

Christine Izuakor

Founder & CEO

Big dreamer who gets s^*% done. A digital nomad spreading positivity.

Rolando Lopez

Rolando Lopez

Head of Operations

Beast-mode strategist. Manages complexity with ease in cybersecurity.

Kimberly Clavin

Kimberly Clavin

Head of Product & Eng

Business innovator balancing strategy and tech. Driven by curiosity.

Naime Davison

Naime Davison

Freelancer Community Manager

Relationship builder and program grower. Focused on figuring it out.

Nicole Kaufman

Nicole Kaufman

Senior EA

Party planner and team supporter. Wearer of many hats.

Stephen Fitzsimmons

Full-Stack Engineer

The Agile Architect of Boundless Digital Solutions.

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