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We take a deliberate approach to vetting our community of cybersecurity experts. During the process, we review your expertise, certifications, and  soft skill. We then conduct a background check. This criteria helps us match you to the appropriate small business opportunities.

Please see our Code of Conduct for additional information on our cyber-expert's expectations.

Enthusiast or Expert

Our Levels of Cyber Pop-up Professionals


An enthusiast is someone who is passionate about cybersecurity but may not have the skills or experience necessary to complete projects immediately.

An enthusiast will be intently developed by us so that we can get them completing projects successfully in the future.


We classify Experts as cybersecurity professionals who are ready immediately to complete projects based on their skills and experience.

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Not only do we ensure our cyber-experts have the appropriate cybersecurity skills but we also match you based on soft skills to create an engaging experience. You get matched, complete the job and get paid!

If we determine you are a Cyber Pop-up Expert,  we will onboard you with a Cyber Pop-up Freelancer Success Manager. They’ll assist you in accessing the portal for potential gigs, or as we call them, Pop-portunities.

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Some of our most popular Pop-portunities

Peace of Mind Roadmap™

Cybersecurity threats come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are also dozens of cyber protection methods, and figuring out where to start can be a challenge.

Information Security Policy

Every company should have an information security policy. It sets the foundation for cybersecurity guidance, rules, and culture within an organization.

Email Security Procedures

While email communication is an important way for businesses to communicate with key users stakeholders, it’s also a common way to cyber attackers to target and penetrate vulnerable businesses.

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