Making cybersecurity even easier for SMBs with new Cyber Pop-up services

Cyber Pop-up has launched its new site and expands its offerings with new on-demand cybersecurity services such as assessments, roadmaps, and policy creation or hourly consulting with one of our fully-vetted cyber experts.

LIVE: November 16th, 2020 - Chicago, IL

Cyber Pop-up has released a more streamlined customer experience via a revamped website and web application to deliver cybersecurity services faster and more efficiently than ever before. Our users not only have access to new services such as on-demand expert rentals by the hour but can receive rapid cyber recommendations for their individual environments with a few clicks as well.

“We want to make cybersecurity as simple and as accessible as possible for our customers. We’re excited that these latest updates are bringing us even closer to that goal.” Dr. Christine Izuakor

New Products Include:

Standard Pop-ups: Choose what you need, when you need it.

● Assessments and roadmaps: Need help understanding risks and jumpstarting or refining your cybersecurity program? We’re here for you. We review your business model, operating environment, and processes against cybersecurity best practice frameworks. We then create a customized recommended prioritization and roadmap to improve security based on your current resources and business goals.

● Policy: Bad security policies are a common culprit to audit failure and certification revocation as well. If you need an expert to create or fine-tune your cybersecurity policy, this is the pop-up project for you.

● Penetration Testing: It’s important to test the security of your systems and identify any security holes before the bad guys do. When was the last time you hacked into your own systems? If you are in need of an expert who can help you test your security, this is the pop-up project for you.

● Thought Leadership: In cybersecurity, content is king. Our team of cybersecurity experts and pro editors work together to create premium cybersecurity content that raises awareness, subtly markets your mission, and engages your ideal target audience.

Custom Projects: Meet with our Cyber Pop-up team to directly address cybersecurity priorities specific to your environment.

Rent an Expert: Work directly with a specialized cyber expert to address your cyber priorities on-demand by the hour.

“Our customers have asked, and we are listening. Cybersecurity can be daunting for small and medium-sized businesses, and people desperately need help to avoid attacks. Giving our customers standard pop-up options along with the flexibility for custom requests allows us to meet the diverse needs of our customer base in a time when they need us the most.” - Dr. Christine Izuakor

Whether a small to medium-sized business or a Fortune 100 company, Cyber Pop-up can address your cyber priorities immediately with their team of cyber professionals on-demand. Check out the new site and let us get to work for you.

About Cyber Pop-Up

Cyber Pop-up is an on-demand cybersecurity service platform powered by vetted and highly skilled freelance experts. We are closing the gap by allowing businesses to tap into high-demand professionals who are often unavailable full-time while also paving the way for the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

The company was founded by Dr. Christine Izuakor, who has over a decade of experience leading various cybersecurity functions within Fortune 100 companies. Izuakor also earned a Ph.D. in security engineering from the University of Colorado, becoming the youngest and first African American woman to do so.

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