Cyber Pop-up Appoints Rolando Lopez as Head of Operations

Cyber Pop-up is thrilled to announce Rolando Lopez as Head of Operations.

Rolando is an experienced global security leader with a passion for tackling complex cyber challenges head-on. After getting a taste of cybersecurity in business early in his professional career at Abbott Laboratories, Rolando went on to lead critical areas of cybersecurity such as incident response. security strategy, and more within large corporations such as United Airlines and NeilsonIQ.

Rolando received his Bachelor’s of Science in Operations and Information Management from Northern Illinois University, is a Certified Cloud Security Professional and holds an additional Global Information Assurance certification.

When he's not slaying cyber dragons, Rolando spends his time competing as a professional bodybuilder.

His #CyberPopStar Super Powers include: managing complexity with easy, all things cybersecurity, building partnerships, beast mode execution.

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