Cyber Pop-up celebrating diversity in tech at Grace Hopper 2020

As artificial intelligence gets smarter, cyber attackers are using it to their advantage to make their attacks more advanced and harder to detect. Do humans stand a chance against these cyber attacks? Cyber Pop-up Founder and CEO Dr. Christine Izuakor recently spoke at the 2020 Grace Hopper Celebration, addressing how AI Is being used to weaponize cyber-attacks and how it can also be used to protect humans.

What is the Grace Hopper Celebration?

The Grace Hopper Celebration is an annual conference that highlights and celebrates the contributions of women in tech. The event, founded by Dr. Anita Borg and Dr. Telle Whitney, was first held in 1994 and is named after Rear Admiral Grace Hopper. Hopper was one of the first women to earn a doctorate in mathematics. She joined the United States Navy Reserve during World War II and worked on the Mark I computer. After the war, she continued to serve and worked on later generations of the Mark computer. Hopper developed the programming language FLOW-MATIC which influenced the design of COBOL. She also helped to create one of the first compilers. Today, the Grace Hopper Celebration is the leading event for women in tech and is attended by thousands of women from various backgrounds and industries each year. The conference has many tracks allowing attendees to focus on an array of topics such as different technologies or advancing their careers.

The 2020 Grace Hopper Celebration

Due to the coronavirus, the 2020 conference was held virtually, a first for the event. The event featured keynote speakers, including tennis star Serena Williams and former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao. Williams discussed her organization Serena Ventures, which invests in diverse and empowering Businesses. Pao is currently the CEO of Project Include, a non-profit that aims to give everyone a fair chance to succeed in tech, and spoke about her work and the urgent need for diversity in the field.

Highlights from Christine’s Session

Christine’s session titled Artificial Intelligence (AI) Weaponized for Cyber Attacks looked at how AI is changing cyber attacks. AI is helping attackers outsmart CAPTCHA password systems, impersonate trusted users, better cover their tracks on networks, and make their attacks more sophisticated than ever before. The presentation also looked at the current trends at the intersection of AI and cyber security and how AI can also be used to protect humans from these cyber attacks.

About Christine

Christine has been published in multiple international journals and has had her original contributions to the security industry presented at conferences worldwide. She has over a decade of experience leading cybersecurity functions within the Fortune 100 arena and is on the Chicago Business Crain’s Tech 50 List. Christine has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Cheddar News, CW, Yahoo, Hemispheres Magazine, and more.

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