Cybersecurity 101 for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Over 30 million small businesses operate within the U.S., many of which rely on a variety of technologies and data to deliver their services. No matter how small in size or how new on the startup scene, these growing companies often face the same cyber risks that large and well-established companies face. Startups often make the mistake of thinking that cybersecurity is something that can be addressed later on as the company matures. The truth is that failing to integrate cybersecurity from day one can stunt a startups growth and even tank it all together.


Adding fuel to the fire is that, while established businesses usually have the resources to prioritize cybersecurity, startups are often operating with minimal funding and thus may not be able to invest as freely in protecting their assets from cyber threats. This session helps startup leaders learn the secrets to mitigating cyber risks efficiently and affordably.

Key Takeaways:

  • When you should start thinking about cybersecurity for your startup and why

  • Cybersecurity fundamentals for entrepreneurs

  • Creating a plan to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats on a budget

  • Five deadly cybersecurity startup sins to avoid

  • Getting help when you don’t have a technical resource in house

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