Cyber Pop-up Partners with ISC2 in Pioneering Initiative to Close Cybersecurity Workforce Gap

October 3, 2023


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Cyber Pop-up Partners with ISC2 in Pioneering Initiative to Close Cybersecurity Workforce Gap

Chicago, IL October 3, 2023 – As threats to global cyber stability continue to escalate, the need for cybersecurity professionals has reached unprecedented levels. With a staggering demand for an additional 3.4 million cybersecurity experts worldwide, there is an acute urgency to address this workforce gap. At Cyber Pop-up we specialize in securing small businesses by connecting them to vetted cyber experts and technologies on-demand.  This means that continually growing a strong and diverse cybersecurity workforce is critical to not only our success, but the success and security of businesses small and large around the world.

Stepping forward to meet this challenge, Cyber Pop-up is thrilled to announce a partnership with ISC2, the acclaimed creator of the CISSP®. Together, we are working towards the ambitious "One Million Certified in Cybersecurity" initiative. Through this endeavor, the first one million participants will gain free access to the Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) Online Self-Paced Training course and its associated exam.

The Certified in Cybersecurity, as ISC2's entry-level certification, extends an invitation to a vast spectrum of candidates to delve into the field, requiring no prior work experience. This certification is poised to be a foundational step for many, propelling them towards advanced cybersecurity certifications and eventually, pivotal leadership roles in the sector.

Dr. Christine Izuakor, Founder of Cyber Pop-up and a proud CISSP holder herself, shared her enthusiasm for the initiative, stating "Certifications play a critical role in closing the cyber workforce gap and preparing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. As a current CISSP holder, I can attest to the rigor and value that ISC2 certifications have added to my career. I am super excited to partner with ISC2 on this game-changing program!" - Dr. Christine Izuakor

This partnership is not just one to one effort, but a clarion call to the global community. Cyber Pop-up and ISC2 encourage everyone to join in this mission, advocate for, and spread the word about the "One Million Certified in Cybersecurity" drive.

To find out more about the initiative or to participate, please check out this overview.

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About Cyber Pop-up:

Cyber Pop-up was founded by a Fortune 100 cyber security executive upon the personal mission of providing big business security at a small business budget.  Owners and managers of small businesses across industries subscribe to access Cyber Pop-up’s solution portals and engage with vetted experts who help create a customized roadmap for sustainable security and provide guidance for implementing recommended tools, company policies, and ongoing actions.  More information about Cyber Pop-up and its founder, Dr. Christine Izuakor, can be found at

About ISC2:

ISC2 (International Information System Security Certification Consortium) is a renowned global nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the field of cybersecurity. As the creator of the CISSP® (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), ISC2 offers a suite of industry-leading certifications and education programs to develop cybersecurity professionals around the world. Through its commitment to excellence, ISC2 fosters a safer and more secure cyber environment by ensuring professionals are adequately trained and certified to tackle current and emerging cyber threats.