Cyber pop-up dispels myths about cyber protection and makes high end security more accessible for small businesses

October 2, 2023


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Cyber pop-up dispels myths about cyber protection and makes high end security more accessible for small businesses

Chicago, IL, October 2, 2023 – With cyber attacks on small businesses increasing at an alarming rate, Cyber Pop-up is offering free access to its proven solutions to assure small businesses can afford the same level of protection as their big business competitors. Starting immediately, any small business owner or operator can access more than 30 solutions in the Cyber Pop-up solutions portal, all of which are available for nominal fees.  Previously, this access was only available through a monthly paid subscription.

In addition, during October, Cyber Security Awareness Month, the first 25 people registering for free access will be given one free consulting session with one of Cyber Pop-up’s security experts.

A former cybersecurity leader for United Airlines, Christine Izuakor built Cyber Pop-up to offer solutions and guidance to small businesses that cannot afford staff IT experts or expensive third-party contracts, allowing them to stay competitive by avoiding the impact of a cyber attack which can include high remediation costs,  license revocations and even business closures.  Her unique system offers personalized road maps, and access to tools and projects to purchase needed, all of which can be executed by clients independently or with minimal guidance from cyber experts.  

“Small businesses are the target of nearly 50% of cyber attacks today, yet most cannot budget large monthly payments or staff overhead to manage the details that will keep their secure,” says Izuakor.  “With 60% of hacked small businesses going out of business due to exorbitant remediation costs, its imperative that small businesses have affordable options. By offering proven solutions at a reduced costs, I am hoping to make critical protection available to many entrepreneur and small business owners.”

A big part of Izuakor’s mission is to educate small businesses about cyber security in general, and help them make informed decisions about their needs.  According to Izuakor, there are many myths that currently contribute to small businesses’ vulnerability.  By becoming aware of these myths, many can prevent costly mistakes. These include:

1. Small businesses are not target for hacks. Research shows that 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses as its known to hackers that few are protected. Targeting multiple unprotected companies can be more lucrative than trying to crack into one larger brand’s systems.
2. Security offered by MSPs is enough for SMBs. This is a common and often costly attitude. Small businesses get some protection from Managed Service Providers but it does not cover many of the portals hackers take to break into customer data and payment processes systems.
3. Compliance standards are covered by MSPs.  Like the above myth, this is not accurate. SMBs need to be aware of changing regulations specific to their industries and put in measures to comply with new regulations as they arise.  Expecting a third-party that is not dedicated to any given industry to be on top of industry-specific requirements can set any business up for costly security failures.

In accordance with her mission to educate and inform, Izuakor regularly posts blogs on educational topics such as common hacks to look out for, access portals you may be opening up for hackers and more.  Blogs and other educational materials can be found at under the Resources tab.

About Cyber Pop-up:

Cyber Pop-up was founded by a Fortune 100 cyber security executive upon the personal mission of providing big business security at a small business budget.  Owner and managers of small businesses across industries subscribe to access Cyber Pop-up’s solution portals and engage with vetted experts who help create a customized roadmap for sustainable security, and provide guidance for implementing recommended tools, company policies, and ongoing actions.  More information about Cyber Pop-up and its founder, Dr. Christine Izuakor, can be found at  For media inquiries and interviews, please contact