Our standard site Terms and Service apply to all engagements. Here are a few additional details about the subscription program.

Flexible subscriptions, cancel anytime: It’s always good to have an on-demand cybersecurity resource there to support you at all times, however we understand the need for flexibility in SMBs. Our subscriptions are month to month and you are free to cancel anytime. Once cancelled, your account will remain valid through the remainder of your paid subscription window.


Your dedicated success manager: You’ll get assigned a project success manager who you can always reach out to when you have questions or need help with a new request.


Work with a vetted team of cyber experts, as soon as you need them: Log into your account and request to use your allotted free cyber expert credits. If you are out of credits and need additional help, you’ll get discounted access to our on-demand experts.


Using your discount for additional help: After subscribing, you’ll receive a discount code that can be used to request standard projects or book specialized experts for extended timeframes.

Credit usage: Expert credits can be redeemed for access to cybersecurity experts. Credits are measured in 30 minute increments. Meaning that 30 credits can be redeemed for 30 minutes of support from an expert. If you have 90 credits, you can use 90 minutes of expert support, and so on. Credits can be redeemed in minimum increments of 30 minutes.You can use these for any cyber related asks.


Payment processing: You’ll be billed monthly automatically for your subscription. Any additional support requested beyond what’s included in your subscription will be invoiced monthly via our payment processing tool.

Refund Policy: Paid subscriptions are non-refundable, however you are free to cancel at anytime.

Additional questions:If you have additional questions regarding the subscription program, please contact us at